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OCt. 1st, 2015

World Civ:  REad about the earliest city-state, Ur and analyze it for the characteristics of civilization.  See the pre-history link for a copy!

Dyad: See me. Today we played a matching game.  16 words to match with 16 descriptions about Enlightenment philosophes!  Match them, glue them and put together in to a flip book! See me for copies

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Sept 22nd, 2015

World Civ: Test time!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dyad: Computer lab day! See, click on Mod World History and Environmental Project for the assigenment!

Test tomorrow! Do your review guide for homework!

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Sept 21st, 2015

World Civ!  Today we examined the evolution of writing!  See me to get a copy! You are interpreting pictograph, ideographic, stylus and phonographs!! Then, create 25 of your OWN symbols and write a short paragraph using them!!! Test tomorrow on pre-history. Review guide under world civ, prehistory!

Dyad! Project work day! Keep working on those websites. Don’t forget, see Scroll to Mod World History on the slide, click it, and then click Environmental Project for directions! Dues Sept 27th, 11:59 pm!  Be sure to go to your class perido for the link!

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Sept. 8th, 2015

Dyad: Finish your islands! Don’t forget, 10 landforms, labeled, defined attached to a survival guide for the island using a minimum of 5 vocab words from “The Most Dangerous Game”

World Civ: Notes slides 23-26.   We checked out some sweet pre-historic cave art (slides 43-59). Now answer this!

  • What similarities do you see between the paintings?
  • How are they similar or different to modern day public murals?
  • Why do you think they used cave walls for the paintings?

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