Sept 4th: Dyad first mini project!!!!

Sept 11th: Home football game

Extra Special Holidays!

Cow Chip Throwing days: 4-5
National Lazy Mom’s Day: 4
Bacon Day: 5

*Be Late For Something Day: 5

National Buffalo Chicken Wings Days: 5-6 

*Wonderful Weirdoes Day: 9

National Iguana Awareness Day: 12

 Grandparent’s Day: 13

*International Chocolate Day: 13 

*Kids Take Over The Kitchen Day: 13 
*Scooby-Doo Day: 13

*National Kreme Filled Donut Day: 14

 *Play-doh Day: 16
School Backpack Awareness Day: 16 

*National Cheeseburger Day: 18 
Nickelodeon’s Worldwide Day of Play: 20 
*Elephant  Appreciation Day: 22
*Hobbit Day: 22

Save The Koala Day: 25 
Link (Last Friday)
*Shamu the Whale Day: 26

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