Aloha!!! My name is Melissa Fischer.  I am a 1992 South-Western City Schools graduate and have now been teaching in the district for nineteen years. I attended the Ohio State University where I earned my bachelors degree in Education. I also have a masters in Administration from the University of Dayton. I spent my first year in SWCS at Franklin Heights High School. I then moved to Westland High School where I taught Global Studies for four years. When the exciting opportunity to open a new building came up, I took it. I have taught several classes here at CCHS over the last 14 years, including Global Studies, Civic Literacy,  World Civilizations and Modern World History. I have been married for 14 years to my husband who is an assistant principal at Franklin Heights.   We have a beautiful daughter named Cheyenne Autumn born who was born in July 2006. I have a sister who is a teacher in the district at North Franklin Elementary School and my dad was the principal for many years at Norton Middle School.
         Education isn’t about tests.  It is about learning the skills that can help you to become a lifelong learner. It is about finding what your strengths are and capitalizing on them. It is about finding your weaknesses and learning from them.  Each day is a new experience and a new adventure. Be ready for it!
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