Posted by: alohamrsfischer | August 31, 2016

Aug 31st!

World Civ:  We went to the lab today to examine artifacts! Go to the Pre -History link for a copy!

Dyad: Finish up your Standard of living with your partners!

Next, answer the question below on the stats on Bullonia!!!

  1. 1.What do you think the overall is for your country? Is it good or bad? Describe it & explain why.
  2. 2.Describe 3 problems you think you nation has
  3. Pick 1 problem & create a DETAILED solution. How would it be paid for> Who would run it? What is being fixed? What are the short & long term steps?
  4. What positives does your nation have? Describe them. How can they help your nation?
  5. Now, think about the positives & if your solution is working, how does that change your nation’s outlook? Explain how these can affect the other standards for your nation?


Fact Statistic
Life Expectancy Men- 31 yrs  Women- 33 yrs
Literacy rate 47%
Per capita income $1223 per year
Birth rate 3.5 kids per woman
Death rate 97/1000
climate Desert in east, cool climates w/ rich soil & rivers

in western half

imports Oil, vehicles, wheat, gas, medicine, metals
exports Salt, bauxite

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